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Award-Winning Design with Highest Quality

Awarding Design
Wonderful Breast™ is the priority choice of Hollywood actress, Super Models, & Top costume designers worldwide. They choose Wonderful Breast because Wonderful Breast is the softest, most natural & highest quality silicone breast enhancers. It’s award winning design and patented manufacture processes make them look, move, and feel like natural breasts.

Highest Quality
Rubber and other enhancers simply don’t match up with Wonderful Breast’s natural, skin-like look and feel. The medical graded silicone gel in our breast enhancers have been specially formulated to feel, and even bounce, just like real breast tissue. They also warm to your body temperature! Padded bras and falsies don’t look or feel natural. If you wear a padded bra while hugging or dancing with someone, or if someone brushes up against you accidentally, that person can tell immediately that your breasts are not the "real you". With Wonderful Breast even if someone touches your bra or swimsuit while you’re wearing Wonderful Breast, they won’t know you’re wearing them.

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